This interactive webinar will take place against the backdrop of the Connectivity Toolbox, and the recommendations of best practices that are put forward to help facilitate the most efficient roll out of very high-capacity networks, including full-fibre broadband. It will look at the extent to which the measures can help countries to accelerate their progress towards the European Commission targets for rollout of fibre, and at the path ahead to ensure that the economic, social and environmental benefits of this can be felt as soon as possible.

What will be discussed?

• How can the measures proposed by the Connectivity Toolbox help to streamline the deployment of full-fibre in Europe?
• To what extent can they help member states accelerate progress and hit targets?
• Which of the measures is likely to have the greatest impact on removing existing obstacles accelerate fibre and broadband deployment?
• What national roadmaps and plans for the implementation of the toolbox are now emerging, and what is the path ahead as we move towards the deadlines and targets set by the European Commission for the delivery of the gigabit society in Europe?
• How can policymakers work alongside other key stakeholders to create an environment that encourages the required private investment in network rollout?
• What is the evaluation process involved in identifying when a network should be considered as ‘very high capacity’ (VHC), and is there a need for additional work to be done in standardising the key criteria that needs to be met?
• How important is fibre connectivity and the rollout of VHC networks for digital transformation and covid recovery, and more broadly on the delivery of a greener and more sustainable EU?
• What examples of best practice in fibre rollout have been seen across Europe to date, and what lessons can be learnt from these?

Tuesday 11 May, 2021
10.00 to 11.50 CET (09:00 to 10:50 Irish time)

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