Dr. Gerard Kennedy, Author at Horizon Europe

Dr. Gerard Kennedy

National Contact Point for Cluster 4 Digital 


I am experienced Electronics Engineer, with considerable experience in Electronic System Mixed Signal design at all levels from Application Specific Integrated Circuit design for digital control of power supply right up to analogue and digital system design for complex electronic systems (e.g. for application in military specification state of the art radar systems). This work was completed over a period of 30 years (1977 to 2007) whilst employed in a wide range of industrially focussed Irish and Multinational organisations (e,g, Westinghouse Electronic System division, Circuits and Systems Research Centre, University of Limerick). Since 2007 I have been engaged in advising and supporting a wide range of Irish organisations applying for European Commission funding in Information and Communications Technologies, while also being engaged in programme committee activities, proposal evaluation and project monitoring/reviewing for the Commission in areas relevant to Information and Communications Technologies.

Articles by Dr. Gerard

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