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Horizon Europe


Ireland’s track record in European Framework Programmes is recognised throughout Europe and beyond.

The National Support Network for Horizon Europe’s goal is to build on that track record, providing hands-on assistance and support to Ireland’s researchers and innovators to compete for and win funding to advance their research and innovation ambitions.

Our 32 European Advisors drawn from 10 Irish research and industry agencies are available and assist all experienced participants and newcomers to the Framework Programmes.

If you are an existing client of the National Support Network, I hope that our website gives you more information about and a greater understanding of the Programme. If you are new to us or a prospective client, I hope that it gives you a good introduction to Horizon Europe. 

Please register for our newsletters for timely updates or contact us directly so we can assist you to identify relevant opportunities. Horizon Europe is all about collaboration and partnership and we are here to work with you.

Garrett Murray

National Director for Horizon Europe, Enterprise Ireland


Horizon Europe


Horizon Europe


If we are to continue to improve the quality of life for people with palliative care needs it is important that we are working with international clinicians and researchers. The Institute through our Palliative Care Research Network is delighted to support our members to build collaborations that work across academic institutions and settings on the island of Ireland. The success of these collaborations can be seen through their successful involvement as partners on EU projects.

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