Career Development Fellowships in National Technology Centres and Gateways Programme

Following the success of Career-FIT, Enterprise Ireland has launched a new CO-FUND programme called “Career-FIT PLUS”.

Career-FIT PLUS aims to enhance the training and mobility of Experienced Researchers through the undertaking of individually-driven, market-focused research projects which will be centered around the domain areas of the designated Technology Centres and Technology Gateways.

Two calls for proposals will award a total of 50 Fellowships to highly skilled researchers to conduct a research project of 36 months in Ireland, including a secondment opportunity in an enterprise partner of the Technology Centre/Gateway.

The Career-FIT PLUS Fellows will have the unique opportunity to carry out research in areas of clear industry focus and gain first-hand experience in a company.

Researchers awarded a Fellowship will be hosted and employed by a Third Level Institution associated with a Technology Centre/Gateway in Ireland.

Fellows will be guided by an experienced Academic mentor as well as a Company mentor who are concerned not just for their scientific progress but also their training and development in line with the agreed career goals.  They will further benefit from participation in a structured development training programme that targets enhancement of personal effectiveness as well as competencies relating to innovation management.

Please refer all queries to the Enterprise Ireland Career-FIT Help Desk at:


Micol Martinelli, Career-FIT Programme Manager, Enterprise Ireland

Micol Martinelli

The Second and final Call for Proposals runs from September 7th, 2020 until the end of the year. Awards will be announced in Spring 2021.

Prior to creating an application, potential applicants must contact and discuss their fellowship application with the proposed academic mentor.  It is the responsibility of each applicant to identify suitable academic and company mentors. Please note that Enterprise Ireland is not in a position to recommend individual mentors.

Applicants should also contact the Research Office in the proposed Host Organisation for information and clarification on the call and for institutional proposal preparation support.  The Research Office (RO) will have to endorse the application once the applicants have submitted it.  It is highly recommended that applicants contact the RO of their proposed host organisation as soon as they decide to apply for a CAREER-FIT PLUS fellowship and identify an academic mentor.  Applications that are not endorsed by the RO of the proposed host organisation by the relevant deadline will be automatically deemed ineligible.

All applications require two referee statements.  Applicants should identify and approach referees well in advance of the relevant deadline.  Referees should know the applicants sufficiently well to provide them with a character reference.

Centre for Applied Data Analytics (CeADAR) 

CeADAR is a market-focused technology center for innovation and the application of Big Data Analytics and visulisation.They drive the accelerated development, deployment and adoption of Big Data Analytics and Visualisation.

Dr. Bujar Raufi     Dr. Sara Perez Carabaza      Dr. Hossam Zawbaa     Dr. Polat Goktas

Dr. Assem_Abdel_Hak     Dr. Waqar S. Qureshi     Dr. Adrian Byrne    Dr. Daniel Gibert


Pharmaceutical Technology Centre (PMTC)

The PMTC was established in December 2013 and is led by an industry steering board with an active research program, in leading Irish RPOs, driven by its industry members. Companies access PMTC to create projects & execute world-beating industry-relevant research in advanced technology solutions which address contemporary manufacturing issues.

Dr. Parimaldevi Palanisamy    Dr. Marta Perez Lloret     Dr. Parvathi Krishnakumar

Dr. Sousa  Javannikkhah      Dr. Mohammed Bahey-El-Din


Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC)

The Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) is an industry–academic collaborative research centre, hosted by the University of Limerick, with a research agenda driven by the long-term growth opportunities for the dairy sector.

Dr. Ali Alehosseini    Dr. Le Deng    Dr. Yonas Hailu Alemu    Dr. Farhad Garavand

Dr. Zeinab Mousavi      Dr. Hossein Kiani     Dr. Bhavya M Lokesh

Dr. Mestawet Taye Asfaw       Dr. Mahmoud Abdelhamid


Irish Manufacturing Research Centre (IMR)

IMR is a consortium of leading manufacturers collaborating to develop an ‘embedded’ manufacturing research and development program, enabling: Manufacturing innovation, an enabler for future investment breakthrough productivity solutions growth in SMEs & high-tech start-ups.

Dr. Amit Kumar Haldar    Dr. Mansur-Ahmed    Dr. Pouyan Ghabezi      Dr.  Damian Palin

Dr. Keerthi Sagar    Dr. Nicolas Aristokleous

Food for Health Ireland (FHI) is one of the biggest technology centres in Ireland and its purpose is to identify novel ingredients coming from milk to develop functional food ingredients which will offer health benefits to consumers.

Dr. Indrani Bera    Dr. Enriqueta Garcia-Gutierrez     Dr. Bernard Degryse   Dr. Sile Griffin

Dr. Clement Agoni     Dr. Arghya Mukherjee     Dr. Shanmugapriya Karuppusamy

Dr. Restituto_Tocmo 


Applied Polymer Technologies Ireland is providing world class solutions for SME’s and Multinational companies using polymer materials across the medical, composite, recycling and pharmaceutical sectors.

Dr. Mohammadnabi Hesabi



Microelectronic Circuits Centre Ireland focuses on delivering high impact research for the semiconductor industry and they are the single point of contact for industry to access academic microelectronic research.

Dr. Kilian O’Donoghue

Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre is a collaboration between Technological University of  Shannon: Midlands Midwest and Munster Technological University. It is a leader in bioresource research -detection, identification, characterisation and valorisation and collaborates with industry and other research centres in order to deliver this expertise in applied settings.

Dr. Raghu Ram Badmi      Dr. Prachi Varshney

 The CREST Gateway based in TU Dublin – Kevin St, delivers coatings innovation solutions for industry in the engineering, construction, healthcare and biomedical industries.

Dr. Rosen_Georgiev       Dr. Buliyaminu Adegbemiro Alimi

Learnovate logo

Learnovate is a research centre in Trinity College Dublin with 10 years of industry-led research in learning technology innovation. It offers strategic research and innovation services to individual companies that develop learning technologies and companies that acquire and use learning technologies.

Dr. Kolawole Adebayo


The PEM Gateway based in the Institute of Technology Sligo provides Industry-focused research and development of precision  engineering, manufacturing and materials technologies and innovation.

 Dr. Natalia Lishchenko


Microsensors for Clinical Research & Analysis

MiCRA is an industry-led technology gateway focusing on the advancement of electrochemical sensor technologies, diagnostic products, and prototype development, and consists of state-of-the-art electroanalytical, analytical, surface science, cell culture and microbiology labs/instrumentation, and sensor/prototype fabrication facilities.

Dr. Bilal Javed

The Intelligent Mechatronics and RFID (IMaR) Technology Gateway is based at Munster Technological University and is a nationwide resource for industry based in the IoTs delivering solutions on near to market problems for industrial partners. IMaR provides solutions for companies using Intelligent Mechatronics, RFID and Internet of Things.

Dr. Irina Munina


Fellowship Technical Report Template – 6 & 12 Month Report

The fellow will be required to submit a comprehensive report annually, with a shorter report submitted midway through the year.  It will be the responsibility of the fellow to make sure that all progress reports are submitted on time to Enterprise Ireland Contracts Unit subject heading Marie Sklodowska Curie Career-FIT 12 Month report MSCA-201X-200XXX copying Career-FIT Programme Manager, Academic Mentor and Company Mentor.

Standard Financial Report Form

This report is prepared by Financial Department of the Host Organisation and is sent to Enterprise Ireland Contracts Unit Fellows need to remind the Host Organisation about this report to be sent every 12 months.

Project Alteration Form

Your completed form should be submitted by email to the Contracts Unit

Claims and project alteration forms that are not fully completed, will be returned.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 847402 

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