European Research Council (ERC) support investigator-driven research

European Research Council

The ERC aims to encourage the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and to support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields. The ERC funds ground-breaking basic research projects across all fields of science to support European leadership in world-class research. Support is given to outstanding Principal Investigators (PI) based on the scientific excellence of their project proposal.

  • Starting Grant for researchers from 2-7 years post PhD.
  • Consolidator Grant for researchers from 7-12 years post PhD.
  • Advanced Grant for established research leaders.
  • Synergy Grant for 2-4 PIs with complimentary background.
Note: Eligibility can be extended under certain circumstances, such as for maternity/paternity leave, clinical training, military service and long-term illness.


European Research Council


European Research Council