Security is one of the main concerns for the EU’s citizens and is therefore among the top priorities for the European Commission Horizon Europe Programme. The main impacts sought for this cluster are to support implementation of EU policy priorities relating to security including:
• improved disaster risk management and societal resilience, leading to reduced losses from man-made and natural disasters;
• improved management of air, land and sea EU external borders, leading to better monitoring of movements across external borders and reduction of illegal movements of people and goods across those borders;
• better protection of citizens from violent attacks in public spaces, through more effective prevention, preparedness and response while preserving the open nature of such spaces;
• improved security and resilience of infrastructure and vital societal functions, such as healthcare, law enforcement, energy, mobility, public services, financial services, communication and logistics infrastructures/networks, to minimise disruptions including from hybrid threats;
• improved maritime security, including from man-made and natural disasters and from security challenges such as trafficking, piracy and potential terrorist attacks, cyber and hybrid threats, notably through better maritime surveillance and capability development;
• fighting crime and terrorism more effectively, particularly through better prevention of criminal acts and enhanced investigation capabilities notably as concerns cybercrime;
• cybersecurity and a secure online environment, with citizens, public bodies and companies empowered to protect their data and online activities.

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