The main objectives of this cluster are to fight climate change, improve the competitiveness of the energy and transport industry as well as the quality of the services that these sectors bring to society.  Energy and transport sectors are vital for the European economy, for the mobility of people and goods and for affordable and sustainable energy supply for European Citizens.   At the same time, energy and transport related activities cause the largest part of greenhouse gas emission in Europe.  Digitalisation and decarbonisation will transform both sectors in the coming decades.  Climate, energy and mobility are intertwined, and research opportunities will focus on energy and mobility systems that are climate and environmentally friendly, smarter, safer, more resilient, inclusive, competitive and efficient.

The Focus of Energy Research

Destination 3 – Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply

Destination 4 – Efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use and the cross cutting

Destination 2 – Cross-sectoral solutions for the climate transition

Energy Research Cluster 5 Horizon Europe

“More efficient, clean, sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply through new solutions for smart grids and energy systems based on more performant renewable energy solutions”.

The areas of interest will include

  • Global leadership in renewable energy
  • Energy systems, grids and storage
  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)
  • Highly energy-efficient and climate neutral EU building stock
  • A competitive and sustainable European battery value chain
  • Communities and cities

The Mission Areas include “Climate-neutral and Smart Cities” and the Partnerships such as the Clean Energy Transition and the Built environment and construction.