The Commission’s proposal from the 14th of January is available here which is for a Council Recommendation on learning for environmental sustainability. The aim of the proposal is to support Member States, schools, higher education institutions, non-governmental organisations and all education providers in equipping learners with understanding and skills on sustainability, climate change and the environment.

In this context, a new European competence framework on sustainability (GreenComp): was published by the Joint Research Centre: which maps out the competences needed for the green transition. The GreenComp is a reference framework for sustainability competences, which:
• Provides a common ground to learners and guidance to educators, advancing a consensual definition of what sustainability as a competence entails.
• Responds to the growing need for people to improve and develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to live, work and act in a sustainable manner.
• Is designed to support education and training programmes for lifelong learning.
• It is written for all learners, irrespective of their age and their education level and in any learning setting – formal, non-formal and informal.

You can find the full report at this link