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Seeing the big picture: CLEXM project opens doors for SiriusXT

For a generation of young readers, Sirius is best known as Harry Potter’s godfather. To those of a more scientific bent, it is the brightest star in the night sky. But to a small research elite, it is the Irish-based company behind a high-resolution microscope that can produce images of the internal structure of biological cells, SiriusXT.

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Building trust in the Internet of Things

When MTU were looking for an industry partner for a Horizon2020 project, it was the National Contact Point at Enterprise Ireland who introduced them to Klas initially, when looking for an Irish partner for SCOTT.

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7 New Calls for the JRC Open Access to Research Infrastructures

The JRC has launched 7 new calls with deadlines between February and March 2024 for accessing its research infrastructures: Actinide User Laboratories (ACTUSLAB, Karlsruhe – DE); Environmental and mechanical materials assessment (EMMA, Petten – NL); and the Hopkinson bar for structural assessments (ELSA, Ispra – IT).

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Cultivating resilience through urban food sharing

Cultivating resilience through urban food sharing – the Horizon EU-funded-project has 19 partners across Europe developing the “Food Sharing Compass”. Professor Anna Davies shares her experience of building a project consortium.

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