IMAGINE-B5G has 2 million Euros for its First Open Calls, 50% of which is allocated specifically for SMEs!

These Open Calls aim to:

  • enable European-led innovation and fast-track adoption by stimulating private sector investment across verticals. IMAGINE-B5G has shortlisted seven verticals and corresponding stakeholders related to:
    • PPDR,
    • media,
    • education,
    • smart agriculture & forestry,
    • eHealth,
    • transportation & logistics,
    • Industry 4.0.
  • engage third-party stakeholders towards the conceptualization, development, experimentation, and validation of novel vertical applications in the current and the future B5G ecosystem.

The First Open Calls will be open until September 1st! 

Learn more about the Open Calls and our Facilities from our Webinars, where you can ask us questions and clear any doubts you might have!  The first two are already available online for you below to review via You-tube here