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LEDLUM, a shining light in LED efficiency

“Horizon 2020 was about putting together the right consortium that could do cutting-edge research and also produce something that can be commercialized in the near future.” Paul McCloskey, Head of Integrated Magnetics group at Tyndall National Institute.

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Call for proposals to access the JRC EMMA laboratories

The Laboratory for environmental & mechanical materials assessment of the Joint Research Centre launched four calls to access its nuclear facilities to researchers and scientists from EU Member States and to countries associated to the Euratom Research Programme (UK and Ukraine).

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Enterprise Ireland welcomes the EC announcement that seven of 21 entrepreneurs nominated for the finals for this year’s EU Prize for Women Innovators are Irish

The European Commission has announced that 21 of the most talented and inspiring women entrepreneurs working in Europe are in the shortlist for the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2021. The winners will be announced at the European Innovation Council Summit in Brussels on November 24-25. Seven of the 21 entrepreneurs nominated for the finals are Irish.

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