With Horizon Europe, the Commission reaffirms its commitment to gender equality in research and innovation. The legal base sets gender equality as a crosscutting priority and introduces strengthened provisions. In particular, integrating the gender dimension into research and innovation content is a requirement. Gender equality plans will also gradually become part of the eligibility criteria for public bodies, research organisations and higher education establishments applying to the programme. Specific funding will be dedicated to gender and intersectional research, developing inclusive gender equality policies in support of the new European Research Area, and empowering women innovators. The goal is to improve the European research and innovation system, create gender-equal working environments where all talents can thrive and better integrate the gender dimension in projects to improve research quality as well as the relevance to society of the knowledge, technologies and innovations produced. Click here to download The Factsheet on ‘Gender Equality: a strengthened commitment in Horizon Europe’ summarises the key new provision and further information on this article.