Submit your RD&I collaborative Project OUTLINE for the Xecs Call 3 in the field of Electronic Components & Systems and its applications

Xecs is a Eureka Cluster specifically designed to accelerate the pace of sustainable industrial innovation in the Electronics Components & Systems (ECS) community. The intent of Xecs is to create an ambitious international collaboration programme. The resulting RD&I projects will generate high levels of societal and economic impact for all those who participate in a Xecs project. Xecs Call 3 opens on 25 September 2023 at the Xecs Matchmaking Event in Paris.

Who can participate:

The Call 3 is open to SMEs, Large Enterprises, Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs), and Academia.

Why is Xecs for you:

All ECS community sectors are of equally high importance to Xecs projects. Xecs is designed to create the highest Return on Investment for both: the industrial partners and public funding bodies.

Learn more here on the benefits of Xecs.

Xecs Call 3 focus areas:

Xecs is focused on sustainable digital transformation. Guided by the ECS Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda prepared by experts gathered by the 3 Industry Associations AENEAS, EPoSS and Inside, Xecs launches its Call 3 addressing the full Electronics Components & Systems (ECS) value chain and benefiting from the wide dynamic innovation ecosystem stimulated by these industry associations.

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Call timeline

Launch of the Call: 25 September 2023

PO submission deadline: 18 January 2024

FPP submission deadline: 18 April 2024

* Call timeline visual enclosed in the ‘visuals kit’