The Industry Community is primarily focused on addressing the research and innovation topics in the Industry sub cluster of Horizon Europe Cluster 4, ‘Digital, Industry and Space’.

The Industry sub cluster primarily addresses the following two destinations of Cluster 4.

Destination 1 – Climate neutral, circular and digitised production

Activities under this Destination focus on the twin green and digital transition providing a green productivity premium to discrete manufacturing, construction and energy-intensive industries, including process industries. This will make an essential and significant contribution to achieving climate neutrality in the European Union by 2050, and to the achievement of a circular economy.

Destination 2 – Increased Autonomy in key strategic value chains for resilient industry.

Activities will focus on the need to tackle missing segments in strategic areas and value chains to strengthen the EU’s industrial base as well as boost its competitiveness. In addition, it will explore how increased circularity has the potential to increase the strategic autonomy of EU industry through the more efficient use of resources and secondary raw materials.






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Developing cobots, or mobile collaborative robots that can safely operate beside humans in the workplace, is the challenge ONE4ALL, a Horizon Europe funded project, has set itself. The project aims to help manufacturing plants, particularly small and medium-sized ones, transition towards Industry 5.0. This is the EU vision of the industrial future, one that embraces green and digital technologies and sees people working more closely with robots and smart machines.

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