The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is organizing the series of webinars “Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals e-talks”. The series of six e-talks will summarize and explore the theoretical background, as well as the methodological and practical applications of including the sustainability dimension in the traditional concept of Smart Specialisation.

The first e-talk will take place on Monday 4 October at 9.30am (CET). It will feature the opening remarks by the Director for Growth and Innovation at JRC, Mikel Landabaso Alvarez, and the presentation of the paper “Towards next generation Smart Specialisation for sustainable territorial development. Conceptual and theoretical framework” by Dr. Michal Miedzinski, UCL, and Prof. Lars Coenen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Each e-talk will be a 2-hour webinar dedicated to a specific publication or line of thought, presented by the authors and commented on by at least two discussants (an academic and a practitioner/ policymaker).

Further details on the calendar of webinars and registration form are available at this link