Cluster 4 Digital, Industry and Space

The overarching vision behind the proposed research and innovation funding available under  Cluster 4 (Digital, Industry and Space) is that of Europe shaping competitive and trusted technologies for a European industry with global leadership in key areas, enabling production and consumption to respect the boundaries of our planet, and maximising the benefits for all parts of society in the variety of social, economic and territorial contexts in Europe. This will build a competitive, digital, low-carbon and circular industry, ensure sustainable supply of raw materials, develop advanced materials, and provide the basis for advances and innovation in global challenges to society.

To achieve this overarching vision, through research and innovation, Cluster 4 comprises three main areas: Digital, Industry and Space, that can be accessed below.





Cluster 4 Digital, Industry and Space


Cluster 4 Digital, Industry and Space


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Edge AI focuses on implementing AI in an edge computing environment, allowing computations to be done close to where data is collected rather than at a centralised cloud computing facility or an offsite data centre. It is a key feature in many of the small devices that are found in homes, offices, factories and workspaces. Advancing this technology is the aim of NeuroSoC, a Horizon Europe funded project that includes 12 partners from 9 countries across Europe, including the UK and Switzerland.

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A general Call for expression of interest for experts is open on the Funding and Tenders portal. Moreover, if you want to know more details on the role of experts, the fees paid for the services, the model contract, other useful information, including the webpage to register as expert keep reading.

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