Success Stories - Horizon Europe

Success Stories

Success stories from businesses and other organisations who have accessed European funding and support for their innovation projects.

This collection brings together real-life examples of Irish organisations using the Horizon programme to develop their innovative ideas. It includes how they have benefited from working with international partners and gaining access to EU funding support.


Success Stories


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The EU-funded DENiM project is developing an integrated toolchain for the provision of advanced digital services for smart energy management. Coordinated by Dr McGibney and Dr Susan Rea at MTU, the project team comprises 18 partners across seven countries. Funded to the tune of €11m by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

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The drive to Net Zero and the need for all of us to help reduce emissions means that electric vehicles (EVs) need to become completely commonplace. The rate of EV uptake needs to improve, however, and for that to happen, EV batteries need to be cheaper, recharge faster and enable vehicles to go further without needing to be charged.

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